All campaigns on Thrive Funding are funded via Stripe which is a payment gateway between the Thrive Funding website and your bank account. Funds will be directly transferred (less fee) into your Stripe account from the Thrive Funding. Before you start a campaign, you will need to sign up for a free Stripe account. Visit:


If you don’t already have an account with Thrive Funding, you will need to click here to sign up. Our team will be notified of your account request and either approve or decline your account request. You will receive an email notification when your account has been approved.

Once your account is approved, you can now log into your Dashboard and connect your Stripe account.

Scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard and click the blue ‘Connect with Stripe’ button. This will open a Stripe pop-up window to log into your Stripe account. Follow the steps to connect your account.

When your account has been successfully connected, the blue Stripe button will say: ‘Connected’.


You can now get started with setting up your first campaign. Click the site menu link that says ‘Start a Campaign’ or log in here:

You will need the following assets to set up your campaign:

  • A feature image of at least 700×700 pixels
  • Optional Youtube video of your campaign.
  • Description of your campaign and why people should fund your campaign.


  1. Give your campaign a title.
  2. Add a description. If you are copying and pasting text from an external source, please click the ‘text’ tab on the editor and paste your description in there. This will remove all the additional formatting from where you have copied the text from.
  3. Short description of 100 characters or less. This is the summary of your campaign that will be displayed on the Thrive Funding homepage.
  4. Category: Select the category that your campaign best fits within.
  5. Image: This can be a .jpg, .jpeg or .png file which should be at least 700×700 pixels. You can also make your .png file with a transparent background.
  6. Video: YouTube link to where a video about your campaign is hosted. This is optional.
    Set start and end dates for your campaign.
  7. Minimum Amount: It is recommended to set this at $1 or leave blank. This field allows you to set a minimum amount people can give in a single donation.
  8. Maximum Amount: Recommended to set this at $100,000 or leave blank. This is the maximum amount people can give in a single donation.
  9. Recommended Amount: This is the default amount that will display in the donation box on your campaign page. Your donors will be able to overwrite this figure.
  10. Predefined Pledge Amount: Add three values to populate the donation amounts in the boxes.
  11. Funding Goal: This is the amount of money you are wanting to raise from your campaign.
  12. End Method: Select how you want to end your campaign. Options are: When target goal has been met, when the target date is reached, when both the target boal and date is reached or ongoing, never ends.
  13. Contributor Table: Ticking this box adds a table of donor names to your campaign page.
  14. Contributor Anonymity: Tick this if you have ticked to add a contributor table, but don’t want to display the names of your donors.
  15. Country: Select which country you are currently based in.
  16. Location: The city or town your campaign is based in.
  17. Reward Option: We currently have this option disabled for campaigns. You can ignore this step in the registration form and scroll down to the next step.
  18. Tick ‘I agree with the terms and conditions’ and click ‘Submit Campaign’.


Our team will be notified of your campaign registration and will review. You will receive an email notification if your campaign has been approved.

Once your campaign is approved, you can log in and edit your campaign.

Monitor the donations received to your campaign via the Dashboard.