We help Christian organisations to raise money for their cause

We design, implement and launch crowdfunding campaigns that help Christian organisations raise the funding they need to growth their ministry projects.

What We Do

Crowdfunding campaigns

Many ministries want to see more financial growth for the projects they have. Thrive Funding is a specialised crowdfunding services company not combine digital campaigns with crowdfunding systems. Submit a project to us today to see if we are the right fit for your next project.

How It Works

Build your project

Submit to use that project you want to fund using our campaign services.

Get feedback

We will determine if you are the right fit for the type of campaigns we run.

Launch it to the world!

We will put together a digital marketing campaign to raise funds for your project.

Track funding progress

We will keep you updated with the campaign we run for you.


Watch the funds come in for your next project.

Keep donors updated

We let our financial backers know about the project you funded.