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Do you want the next generation of evangelists to be equipped and inspired to bring more people to Jesus across our nation?

Help Raise Up & Train The Next Generation Of Evangelists

by Andrew Scarborough

  • $20,000.00

    Funding Goal
  • $5,680.00

    Funds Raised
Raised Percent :
Minimum amount is $2 Maximum amount is $50000
Australia, Australia

Do you want to see the next generation of evangelists be equipped and inspired to bring more people to Jesus across our nation?

There is a desperate need for this next generation of people to come to know Jesus. Young people have had it all sex, drugs, music, and there comes a point where it all becomes empty and meaningless. At these points, we can see young people reach other young people with power evangelism and the unchanged Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nothing else can see people set free like the cross of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Would you like to support this cause?

How can young people be equipped so that they can reach out to their friends and people on the streets of our cities with the Gospel?

While there have been many events and opportunities for the Gospel to be shared of recent times, many have asked the question “Where to now?”. One of the hopes for the awakening happening in Australia is to see ongoing evangelism and discipleship, many people call this Lifestyle or Normal Christianity.

YourAwakening.TV is an project to connect young people Nationally through real world and interactive mentoring around seeing people equipped to bring people to Jesus. 

YourAwakening.TV founders, Andrew  & Joyce Scarborough, alongside a network of NexGen evangelists, are in the process of developing a live and interactive platform to help with mentoring young people around evangelism & discipleship.

This program would be a mixture of:

– Growing a network & community of evangelists across Australia

– Inspiring video’s of sharing the Gospel on the streets and in various spheres of society 

– Ongoing inspiration and mentoring for the sharing the Gospel of Jesus 

– Live and interactive ZOOM mentoring meetings to connect evangelists across Australia 

– Evangelism workshops and coaching for churches and ministry leaders that would result in an increase in young people becoming active in sharing the Gospel

– Gospel work apprenticeships with real world, on the street training for sharing the Gospel  

– And much more

To develop this project there will be certain level of paid resourcing including:

– Ongoing Support of Andrew & Joyce Scarborough 

– Employment of an on staff project support officer, Heidi Huber

– Purchase of video and streaming equipment 

– Setting up of platforms needed to run monthly mentoring online 

– Marketing and promotion of this growing network 

We are seeking a seed of $20,000 to help get this off the ground. If the Lord is stirring you to sow into the next generation of evangelists and see a generation raised up see many people come to Christ, then make your donation today.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $500.00 May 20, 2019
jordan Mullen $3,350.00 February 28, 2019
Shane Degen $1,500.00 January 19, 2019
Siew-Sim Lim $100.00 December 22, 2018
$200.00 December 14, 2018
Julie Andrews $10.00 December 14, 2018
jordan Mullen $20.00 December 11, 2018


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